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Catalist 2020 Spotlight Awards 
Celebrating Community Transformation

Throughout the country and beyond, Catalist affiliates are practicing high impact transformational grantmaking. Catalist wants to celebrate those efforts. Highlighting our affiliates’ grantmaking is a vital way for us to demonstrate the change that is a result of investments in our community nonprofits.

You are invited to nominate a grant that has transformed your members, your affiliate, a grantee organization, and/or your community. Up to three affiliates will be recognized with a Spotlight Award presentation at the Catalist 2020 conference February 23-25, 2020, in Seattle, WA. The awards ceremony will include a description of the Catalist affiliate, the grant and the grantee organization.  Catalist will make a monetary award of $500+ to the affiliate, which may be passed through to the grantee. Selected affiliates will be recognized in a Catalist Enews issue for their excellence in grantmaking. In addition, the stories of all nominees will be considered for publication in Catalist’s future Enews.

View past Awardees!

Process for Application:

To be considered:

  1. Please describe the grant, including the way in which you believe it was transformational to your members, your affiliate, the grantee organization, and/or your community, in 750 words or less. If you have visuals (videos, photos, etc.) to demonstrate, please include with the application. Please send the application and all supporting materials in one email. 

    In keeping with the 2020 conference theme, PowerUP! The Spark that Ignites Change, the selection committee is especially interested in hearing about how your affiliate has used equity and inclusion as a lens in grantmaking and/or how one of your grants has increased equity and inclusion in your community.  Whether a lens to increase equity and inclusion was intentional or not when the grant was made, share your best example. All affiliates are encouraged to share one of their stories about transformation. 

    What do we mean by “equity” and “inclusion”? Catalist believes that an organization that prioritizes equity and inclusion creates an environment that respects and values individual differences. Inclusive organizations foster cultures that minimize bias and make decisions better able to address systemic inequities.
    • “Equity” is the condition that would be achieved if one’s identity no longer predicted how one fared in life. (Attributed to Philanthropy Northwest)
    • “Inclusion” results when marginalized people are seen as fully belonging in a community, having the right to both contribute to and make demands upon society and institutions. This concept and these two videos, Bridging: Towards A Society Built on Belonging and The Mechanisms of Othering, all from UC Berkley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, expand on this meaning of inclusion.
  2. Your affiliate’s most recent Catalist profile will be reviewed with your application. Please make sure your profile is up-to-date by reviewing your data on file here. (After logging into the member portal, follow the instructions to update as needed. Contact  admin@catalistwomen.org if you require help.)

Submissions and questions should be sent to: spotlight@catalistwomen.org

The deadline for submission is October 15, 2019 by midnight PST.  Your submission will be acknowledged by return email.  You will be contacted by November 15 if your affiliate is selected for a Spotlight Award.

In order to be chosen for recognition, the Catalist affiliate must have a representative, preferably a board member, in attendance at the Catalist 2020 Conference in Seattle, WA, February 23-25, 2020. Any materials (video, photos, etc.) that you have to demonstrate the impact of the project may be used at the ceremony.

Selection process:

A panel of five evaluators, three from the host, Washington Women’s Foundation (WaWF)  and two from Catalist’s Board, will review all submissions and choose up to three affiliates that will be spotlighted at the conference.

To learn more about previous Spotlight honorees, click HERE.

Thank you for sharing your grantmaking stories with us so that we can SPOTLIGHT you!

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Can a Spotlight awardee submit a nomination at the next conference?

No, the organization is not eligible at the next conference, but may apply at the one(s) following.

Can a Catalist affiliate submit the same project more than once?

Yes, the member organization may re-submit the same (non-awarded) project to be reviewed by the Spotlight Review Committee.

What are the benefits to my organization of submitting a Spotlight application?

In addition to being highlighted in your own organization and awarded a small donation to the nonprofit, your transformational grant and your organization will be considered for future Catalist communications including: newsletter, website and social media. These communications provide a unique opportunity to elevate the marketing of your organization to a national platform.

Are there any expectations of my organization if it’s recognized as a Spotlight Awardee?

In order to receive the award, the Catalist Affiliate must have a member, preferably a board member, present at the conference to accept the award. We ask you to work with the Catalist Program Committee and be willing to present the transformational aspects of this grant during one of our future webinars.  

Contact Catalist  info@catalistwomen.org

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