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No two Catalist Affiliates are exactly alike, but we all 

  • are 501(c)(3) or are hosted by one
  • engage in collective giving by combining equal, individual member donations to make larger grants
  • select grant recipients by a democratic membership vote
  • have established grant review and assessment processes
  • provide educational experiences for members to advance their effectiveness as philanthropists and
  • are inclusive and open to the ideas of others.

To join Catalist we require Affiliates to

  • appoint a board or staff person as lead administrator to serve as the Affiliate Ambassador
  • pay $200 annual dues by June 15 (membership dues are paid in advance for the fiscal year beginning July 1)
  • complete and update annually the Affiliate Profile
  • keep your organization's contacts current in our database.  

 Join Now 

In addition, we count on our members to step up as appropriate.
Members are encouraged to

  • present on a monthly program or at a conference
  • serve on a Board Committee such as Membership, Webinars, Sponsorship, Communications or Nominating
  • serve on the Catalist Conference Program Planning Team
  • serve on the Catalist Board of Directors
  • host a future conference!

Note: Is your organization already a member of Catalist?  And you would like to enjoy the benefits of Catalist?  Please contact your organization and request to be added as one of the 20 leaders with Catalist Member Portal benefits or contact Catalist.

Contact Catalist  info@catalistwomen.org

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