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Catalist empowers women’s collective giving organizations through connection, education and peer-to-peer support. Become a catalyst for women-powered philanthropy and make a transformational impact on your community. 

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Why Join Catalist?

As a member of Catalist, you’ll benefit from the experience of passionate, like-minded women from across the country  and have full access to the network’s educational programming, support services and leadership opportunities designed to power your organization forward, including:

    • Monthly webinars
    • National conferences
    • Newsletters
    • Program resources and materials
    • Member-to-member discussion forums
    • Peer networking
    • National leadership and presentation opportunities
    • Mentor/mentee opportunities

Affiliates use Catalist’s resources to strengthen their leadership, strategy and operations, discover trends in philanthropy and employ tools for making change. Like the organizations we serve, we know that our collective voices amplify the national movement of women’s collective giving. 

Catalist members also receive discounted conference registration and membership pricing for select publications.

Catalist welcomes organizations which share some common values and characteristics:

  • be, or be hosted by a 501(c)(3)
  • engage in collective giving by combining equal, individual member donations to make larger grants
  • select grant recipients by a democratic membership vote
  • have established grant review and assessment processes
  • provide educational experiences for members to advance their effectiveness as philanthropists.

If your organization also shares these characteristics, click here to join Catalist.

Catalist works to make your organization stronger. Join Today.

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Catalist · Women Accelerating the Power of Collective Giving · EIN # 46-3953482

We support the creation, development and expansion of women’s collective giving nationwide.

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To find out more, send an email to info@catalistwomen.org.

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