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Catalist, formerly Women's Collective Giving Grantmakers Network, leads and mobilizes the women's collective giving grantmaking movement. 

We are a recognized national authority in women's philanthropic leadership. 

We inspire generations of women to be catalysts for community transformation.


We support the creation, development, and expansion of women's collective giving nationwide to build women's leadership and amplify the power of giving together.


Catalist is a powerful new movement in the philanthropic landscape.


The advancement of collective giving organizations brings new assets and leadership to transform our communities,

women's philanthropic leadership improves the world through pooling women intellectual and financial capital for the common good,

mentorship and learning are essential elements for effective grant making.

OUR affiliates VALUE

        • High Impact Grants
        • developing women’s leadership,
        • diverse and inclusive membership,
        • educated and engaged members,
        • democratic decisions,
        • connection and collaboration among affiliates. 

Want to learn about the impact behind these photos? 
Read more about our Affiliates' fantastic grants to their nonprofits pictured above.  

Contact Catalist  info@catalistwomen.org

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